Additional Dwelling: Benefits of Adding Extra-Space to Your Living

Best Additional Dwelling by Habitat28

In the wake of the rising housing crisis, more and more people in Canada are looking at adding spaces to their existing places, but they want to stay away from the hassle of any huge or costly renovation. This is where the idea of additional dwelling comes into play. To make it an even more feasible choice for homeowners, Habitat28 offers factory-built tiny homes that people can add to their space without any trouble.

These prefabricated dwellings are manufactured using an environment-friendly process by Habitat28 and are directly installed at the site, eliminating the need for a traditional construction process. Moreover, these tiny homes serve multiple purposes and thus are ideal for additional dwellings. This extra space on your property also offers many additional benefits.

Here are the main benefits of adding an extra dwelling unit to your property.

1. Source of Passive Income

Financial stability is perhaps the biggest concern among middle-income families. Therefore, earning some passive income becomes crucial to sustain the increased cost of living. The good news is that additional dwellings can earn you passive income by renting them out to tenants. Space crunch and affordability are growing issues in Canada. Many individuals or small families, therefore, seek rented accommodation. Habitat28’s tiny homes come equipped with everything that a tenant would need to live comfortably.

You can also use your additional dwelling unit to rent it out to tourists looking for independent space for vacations.

2. Increased Property Value

Adding an additional dwelling unit will also increase the value of your overall property. As per research, these units can raise the value of your property by 18% or more. However, the value increase is determined by the design features and construction techniques used in the secondary dwelling. Habitat28’s prefabricated tiny homes come with all luxury standard that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. Hence, your property can have great value with Habitat28’s innovative secondary dwelling unit.

3. Room for Your Guests

Habitat28’s factory-built homes are known for their versatility. Suppose you live in a small house, having an additional home unit can be a great deal. You can utilize that extra unit to host your guests. You won’t have to entertain them at your primary property. You can have your privacy while your guests will also enjoy their own place and privacy.

4. Living Space for Multi-Generation

A secondary unit is also an excellent choice for multi-generational living households. If you have elderly parents or adult children who live with you, an additional unit will offer them the freedom while strengthening their family bonds.

These units provide total freedom and solitude. With an additional unit, you can easily accommodate everyone along with maintaining the comfort and security of your loved ones.

5. Private Space for Your Home Office

If you work from home, a tiny home as a secondary dwelling on your lawn can be the ideal workspace. You will have your own private place to focus on your job without distractions. You can also utilize the space for your small business. For example, you can use the space to give some therapy sessions to your clients. The privacy of the unit alone will create a more calm and tranquil setting to make your clients feel relaxed.

Wrapping Up!

The benefits of expanding your space with an additional dwelling are not limited to the points mentioned above, especially when you have the best option as factory-built tiny homes by Habitat28.

Habitat28’s tiny homes are sustainable, durable, energy-efficient, and most importantly, affordable, so anyone looking to add some space to their property can achieve it easily. Habitat28 manufactures tiny homes in a controlled environment using environmentally conscious materials with minimal wastage.


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