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As always the future of housing is tied to personal preferences of homeowners, with more choosing to live fuller experiential lives, bigger homes are being replaced by bigger lives.

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Welcome to the world of tiny houses, where creativity, sustainability, and efficiency come together. Our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen and designers are passionate about creating compact living spaces that maximize functionality and minimize environmental impact. From clever storage solutions to innovative space-saving designs, we prioritize every detail to ensure that each Habitat28 house is a perfect blend of comfort and style. Let us help you embark on an exciting journey of downsizing, while still enjoying the comforts of a beautifully crafted and sustainable home.

  • S28 EXT
  • S28 ECO
  • D25 Legacy
  • O14
  • P Series


S28 EXT is the latest release of Habitat28’s spectacular Tiny Homes. This unit has been designed with a layout that is thoughtfully planned to maximize your enjoyment. Our sustainable living solution provides active wellbeing to its residents in a smaller footprint, offering an eco-friendly and stylish option for modern tiny homes.

Price: $155,000 $140,000

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The ECO is our 315 sqft low impact ecological and economical housing solution. It provides you with the flexibility to use its versatility for everything you can imagine from a space, making it an ideal choice for those seeking sustainable and affordable modern tiny homes.

Price: $135,000 $125,000.00

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D25 Legacy

The D25 Legacy by Habitat28 is a stylish Tiny Home tailored for compact living with a total of 275 sqft. Perfect for smaller backyards, its clever design optimizes space, offering a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for modern tiny homes.

Price: $109,000 $99,000.00

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D25 Legacy


Experience the epitome of versatility with our O14 UNLIMITED & CONCEPT model, a modern tiny home. At 160 sqft, this versatile unit offers unlimited potential for various uses, from a home office to small kiosks; with its multi-functional applications, it serves both residential and commercial purposes seamlessly, all without the need for permits.

Price: $45,000.00 for open concept space
Price: $55,000.00 for built in mill work option Bedroom/Office/Entertainment

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We believe that living in a tiny home should not compromise any of the smart technology, instead it should elevate it to new heights. With smaller footprints, and latest technology installed in the factory, our homes are equipped with a sustainable smart home management system that can be controlled through your smartphone. Time Management, Comfort, Safety, Convenience and Energy efficiency are among the few advantages that smart homes bring to the household.


Tiny home living does not mean compromise on the comfort and functionality of everyday living.

The ease of transportation and installation, offers endless opportunities and easy moving around is a huge benefit for those looking to set up their tiny homes in their backyard, rural area or vacation property. The units may be placed on any terrain within the 2 hours, and may be installed on the concrete pad, legs or stilts, depending on the terrain and clients needs.

The units are made of durable aluminum alloy shell, and are elements resistant and require very little maintenance compared to the wooden units.


Introducing our modern tiny house living with a flare, where contemporary design meets efficient living. We specialize in creating sleek, cutting-edge tiny homes that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. With meticulous attention to detail, we create customizable spaces that reflect your unique style and cater to your specific needs. Experience the convenience and luxury of modern living in a compact footprint with our expertly crafted and thoughtfully designed tiny houses. Embrace a simpler lifestyle without compromising on comfort and sophistication.

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