Innovation has been the corner stone of every development project, however, with the changing times, sustainability and environmental impact of the construction industry has become focal points for us. Providing solution for affordable and low impact housing has been a vision that we have been working towards for the past 5 years.

Habitat28, is the culmination of years of experience, critical thinking and great deal of passion towards becoming a part of the solution.


Introducing the Affordability Initiative, a groundbreaking program dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing. Our initiative aims to bridge the gap between skyrocketing housing costs and the limited resources of individuals and families. Through strategic partnerships, innovative financing options, and community-driven approaches, we strive to create a sustainable and inclusive housing ecosystem. By focusing on the diverse needs of our communities, we aim to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing options for those who need it the most. The Affordability Initiative is not just a program; it is a commitment to building stronger, more equitable communities for everyone. Join us as Habitat28 pave's the way towards a brighter future, one affordable home at a time.

Meet Our Team

Shailesh P.

Shailesh Poddar

Aura P.

Aura Poddar


Tylor Ryckman

Production Supervisor

"We see the future of housing where everyone can have a place to call home by making affordability and shortage issues a thing of the past. We see residents wanting to enjoy their life to the maximum by experiencing and enriching their lives with travel, outdoor and nature immersive living, while still being able to afford home ownership. We see future housing trends geared towards reducing carbon / geographical / energy footprints for a more sustainable life."

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