Ordering your New Habitat28 tiny home is as easy as it can get. Either view and select your model online or come and visit us at our Habitat28 Discovery Center and order it in person with our Customer Services Advisor.

After receiving your deposit, the manufacturing process will start, and you can expect to receive your tiny home on average in about 3-5 months, if it’s not already in stock.

Our ordering process is 3 simple steps:
1. Select Your Model
Your first step towards the Habitat28 tiny home ownership is to select your unit online and reserve your spot in the production line with the initial $1000 deposit.


2. Order and Design Your Habitat28 Tiny Home – Once you select your model, we will call you to schedule an appointment with our Customer Services Advisor at our Discovery Center to finalize your order and design choices. You can choose from the several addons, such as kitchen appliances etc. at this time to get the completely fitted unit as per your needs. The second deposit, balance to 25% will be due at this time. Your third deposit of 25% will be due in 60 days from this Appointment to secure your unit. In case you are exercising financing options your third deposit structure will be changed based on your lenders terms.


3. Manufacturing And Shipping – during the next 3-5 months your unit will be custom manufactured and prepared to be shipped to your property.
Deposit Structure:
  • $1,000 to select your unit online.
  • Balance to 25% due in 5 business days at the Design and Order Appointment in the form of EFT, Bank Draft or Plastic Credit Card Payment.
  • 25%  due in 60 days from the Order and Design Appointment.
  • 25%  due in 90 days from the Order and Design Appointment.
  • Final 25%  due in 120 – 150 days from the Order and Design Appointment, payable at the time of the final pre-delivery inspection, usually about 2 weeks prior delivery.

*Different deposit structure may apply depending on ongoing promotion and/or availability


You can choose to use our 3rd party consultants or your own architect/ contractor/ designer for this site study. You can also chose to undertake this on your own with a visit to your local city hall for information.

The site suitability study, provides you with all the information you need to get started planning an additional dwelling on your property (either 2nd or 3rd unit). The report contains crucial information you and your 3rd party contractors require in order to properly plan the project.


  • Zoning and permitted uses
  • Property details
  • Re-zoning, amendments or minor variances requires
  • Existing services on the property, and the impact of an ADU on those services (wells, septics, municipal water/sewer)
  • Setback requirements (potential locations on the site)
  • Spatial separation requirements (permitted distance from existing buildings on the property, property lines)
  • Property features impacting development
  • Estimated costs for site servicing
  • Our consultants are currently only servicing the province of Ontario in Canada.


Once your order is finalised, you will need to contract the services of an architect, a designer or one of our third-party consultants to compile all the required drawings and accompanying documentation and submit them for Building Permits to your local Building Officials for review and approval. Since this is a factory built unit and built the same everytime the process is usually efficient and cost effective (based on municipalities). This is a third party service, which will be separately negotiated and billed by the third parties you retain, and is not included in the purchase price of the tiny home. This is an optional service, and you may equally choose to do this step yourself and apply for the permits directly with your local municipality.

Beginning this application right after the ordering process will ensure that your permit is well under way or has been approved by the time the unit arrives at your property for installation. Making the installation process seamless.

Please note that we do not have permitting consultant options for all municipalities throughout canada.


30 days prior to the scheduled shipping date, our third party consultants will contact you and will provide an estimate for the tiny home shipping to your property and crane work. Depending on your requirements, you may choose to go with this service, or arrange the shipping on your own. This service is also an add-on service that you can attach to your order during the ordering process and during your visit to our Discovery Center.


Before the installation, the foundation, plumbing and electrical systems should be in place and ready for the tiny home’s arrival and hook up. Arrangements and charges for the required installation work are not included in the purchase price of your tiny home. You may choose to do this work yourself, or contract with our third-party consultants. Typically, those consultants will prepare the site for you and will coordinate the truck and crane booking, they will be there on site to coordinate the crane operator to land the unit on its foundation and complete the installation. Then they will connect all site utilities. The keys will be handed to you after the final walk through.

If you choose to, any and all additional decks, stairs, railings etc. may be installed at this time or scheduled for the future.

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