Affordability and Housing Crisis

In today’s world, housing affordability, or rather non-affordability, has become a key topic at dinning tables and politicians? office’s. The huge disconnect between the income and the housing costs is leaving many families not being able to afford a place to live. Many countries and town halls are changing laws and regulations, to allow more versatile housing options and to intensify smaller unit building and development. Recent new laws in Ontario will allow three residential units on previously single family residential zoned areas as well as removing many roadblocks and limitations for creating more diverse housing solutions and allow multitude of different housing options from laneway houses to garden suites. Tiny homes are becoming mainstream, which will help solve this affordability crisis through creating:

Additional housing units on the same property for different family members, the options are endless, and benefits the entire family and community : grandparents, can live close to their children and enjoy more quality family time together; grown up children can enjoy independent living while in university or just starting out, all while being just a few steps from their families for guidance and support; income suite to help offset living and housing expenses; additional units in the vacation property for family members and short term rentals. Tiny home communities to create affordable, sustainable and high-quality living for the vulnerable families. We at Habitat28 pride ourselves for being a driving force in this change and for benefiting our communities and helping more families find the place to call home

Energy Efficient Tiny Homes in Canada
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