• Easy Maintenance

  • Clutter-free Living


Due to their smaller size, significantly shorter construction times, minimal materials and lower construction cost required to build, Habitat28 tiny home units are uniquely versatile, overly functional and multifaceted for various applications.

  • An Office
    An Office

    For the self-employed and anyone that works from home, Habitat28 units offer a space to work, that is in your home, but is separate, and offers the needed privacy and peace and quiet to focus. Having a separate unit will also offer a sense of separation and better balance between home and work life.

  • Nanny/Caregiver Suite
    Nanny/Caregiver Suite

    Families with small children wanting to hire a nanny/caregiver can utilize this unit as a place for the nanny to live on the property, while giving the family and the caregiver their privacy and easy and fast accessibility at the same time.

  • A Guest Suite
    A Guest Suite

    When you regularly host guests in your home, especially for longer periods, a tiny house on your property is just the separation you are looking for you to not wish your family and friends away sooner.

  • Backyard Den
    Backyard Den

    For those that would like to have a backyard lounge to entertain guests and watch sports, Habitat28 units are a perfect solution. It can be easily used as a man cave, or she-shed and as a hobby den.. all in one, fitting everyone’s needs in the family.

  • Pool House
    Pool House

    Habitat28 units make for an exceptional pool house with its full 3 piece washroom and ample square footage. Put it next to your pool and it will provide you with the outside space so that the main house is never cluttered or messy from those wet footsteps ever again.

  • Teenage Zone
    Teenage Zone

    The yearning of a teenager to be more independent, along with their parents’ desire to get a little reprieve from their high music, constant friends, non-stop gaming, etc. may both be served by a Habitat28 unit in the yard.

  • A Cottage
    A Cottage

    Got the urge to get away for the weekend, spend time in nature. but do not want to spend hundreds of thousands on a cottage? With a Habitat28 unit, you are done in one shot and not have to worry about years of construction or fight for rapidly diminishing building materials or high costs.

  • A Tech-Zone
    A Tech-Zone

    Our abundance of internet-connected gadgets and always-on WiFi in our homes can lead to a pretty serious case of tech addiction. A tiny house that’s set up just as a technology zone in your backyard, outside of our daily living space, offers more family time without gadgets, gaming, or our uber connected lives.

  • A Studio/ Workshop
    A Studio/ Workshop

    For artists, writers, content creators, photographers and anyone else that works out of a studio, Habitat28 tiny homes makes for a great and versatile space that can be easily placed and adapted to your needs.

  • Rental Suite
    Rental Suite

    Depending on your local regulations – adding a secondary income suite to your property may be a great option to supplement the existing mortgage or add to the family’s income stream. AirBnB and other short term rentals are always in high demand and easy to operate and make profit.

  • Zen Space
    Zen Space

    Whether you use the tiny house for meditation, yoga, fitness studio, intimate conversation, or just as a quiet hideout from the demands of our busy modern lifestyle, having a tech-free zone could be another way to get into balance in our lives. Searching for our natural balance has never been more important than now and a Zen space to get to know yourself better helps you do just that.

  • Home School
    Home School

    For those of us who homeschool our children, it can sometimes be hard to keep the kids focused on the tasks at hand. Having a tiny house as a dedicated space for learning and studying could help to keep the kids (and their parents) more focused during homeschool, and may serve as a way to make it more exciting for the children.

  • First Home
    First Home

    With housing affordability being out of reach for many first time home buyers. Placing a Habitat28 tiny unit on the parents property allows their grown children to move in and save for the down payment, while having a separate suite to live in.

  • Granny Suite
    Granny Suite

    Habitat28 tiny homes are a great option for families looking to keep their seniors close, but give them their own personal space at the same time without having to climb up or down the stairs. They may downsize into a tiny unit placed on their children’s property and enjoy the benefits of close proximity family living.



HABITAT28 is bringing industry leading tiny home manufacturing to North America. From modern to Contemporary and Transitional designs to suit every taste. Made in Canada with Canadian backed workmanship and cutting edge skill, Habitat28 provides top quality tiny homes on Foundation. The homes are designed and manufactured using latest industry technology and top quality materials from it's structure to interior finishings. Quality that offers you 50 years lifespan.




Habitat28 tiny home units are a great addition to any residential or commercial project. Due to its versatility and adaptability they may be very easily incorporated as guest houses, secondary suites, pool houses or commercial kiosks and showrooms. The units are factory manufactured and delivered on the set date and installed in the desired place. It could end up being the key decision making factor between two similar properties for the buyers because of their versatility and looks.

Whether used as an addition/ extension or combine two or three units to make a larger home, the possibilities are endless and we can work with developers to provide them with options to develop their projects faster and within budgets, especially, in a time when there is a shortage of building materials, tradespeople and skilled labour.


Habitat28 tiny homes/units are a great addition to your vacation rental property or resort. You may add multiple units and give your guests a unique and luxurious place to stay in while enjoying their connection to nature and the rest of the property. Elevated Glamping is gaining popularity and is a highly desirable vacation option, sought after by many wanting to stay in a luxury resort, and not in the conventional hotel room.


Wine tourism is an amazing experience, gaining more and more popularity. It allows vineyards to offer a more immersive experience to their guests by combining exploring and staying at the vineyard property, where clients can relax and enjoy a few glasses of wine without rushing out for the night. Habitat28 units can help Vineyards provide for instant accomodation in these locations for the guests who want to experience this up close and personal. Now a 2-3 day stay can help guests understand the wine culture better and allow them to enjoy an immersive holiday.


Habitat28 units make great shops and kiosks, showrooms and presentation centers whether part time, seasonal or full time. They can be easily placed in many places either by Municipalities or private companies to provide more rental space for their organization to capitalise on. The adaptability and versatility of each unit means that it can be easily used for many different occasions and purposes, making it a great long term investment.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a seasoned builder/developer, or if you are just passionate about the tiny home movement, and want to get involved, we would like to hear from you. Looking to expand your business into this new, sustainable and exciting field? Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you to discuss these exciting opportunities!

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